3 October 2010

AECB Conference 2010

Fran, Zana, Huw and Jennie of ATA attended the fantastic AECB Conference held in the beautiful new WISE building at the Centre of Alternative Technology in Wales.

Highlights of the conference were a thought-provoking speech by George Monbiot; Workshops on complete (and certified!) UK passivhaus projects by AECB members; Air-tight installation workshops; inspiring community self-building in Bristol; and a fantastic tour of the WISE building by architect's Pat Borer and David Lea.
Each space in the WISE building had an amazing quality of natural light, with each space having a minimum of two sources of natural light; and the connection to the surrounding landscape related to every room having immediate door access to the outdoors. A very special building.
Lots to think about........already looking forward to next years conference!

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