28 May 2011

Tenant Feedback from Stoke Retrofit so far...

The tenants for the Stoke-On-Trent retrofit for the future project that Anne Thorne Architects carried out with Sanctuary Housing have given us some really interesting feedback from life living in their house so far. The house will be monitored for energy use and comfort conditions, and just as significant the recording of the tenant's views and experiences of living in the house.

"After our first two months here, we love our eco-house, and enjoy living here, and it’s good to feel environmentally responsible without having to make vast lifestyle changes."

Some really good feedback in living in a house with a heat recovery ventilation system, and feedback that we will move to improve on in future schemes and retrofits.
The tenants were involved along the design process, from the technical specification of the house and insulation levels, as well as choosing pain colours and finishes for their new home.

ATA seeks to gain feedback from completed buildings through our work with researchers to ensure we have detailed information on building performance, and can learn from it....!

Read more on the project blog here

24 May 2011

Shared Learning Across Construction - Fran at ProBE

ATA's Fran Bradshaw presented a talk on Friday at Westminster University as part of the Centre for the Production of the Built Environment (ProBE) Symposium and Launch.

This symposium sought to identify key elements and strategies needed to develop a more integrated system of vocational education and training for the built environment in the UK.

Fran's talk discussed topics of shared learning potential across the construction industry and education, and Anne Thorne Architect's collaborative approach and experience in shared learning across their projects with clients, self-builders, construction professionals, young people and community groups.

23 May 2011

ATA working with LoCo Cohousing Group

ATA are working with the Cohousing group  London & Countryside Cohousing (LoCo) to develop a mutually supportive community, living in low energy homes, with some shared facilities, encouraging social contact and individual space, in a community managed by themselves, the residents. 

Affordable housing will form part of the scheme but all residents agree to the aims and objectives of Co-housing. As architects, ATA believe it is important to approach the designing of LoCo's new homes in the same way that they intend to the community to function. Our aim is to act a informed facilitators. 
Consultation and consensual decision making is a key part of the development process as well as the final project.

Passivhaus standards will be used for the homes and grey water recycling.  The houses will be built to Lifetime Homes standards  The group is a mixed community but with particular emphasis on the needs of older people.

19 May 2011

Highwood Village Hall AECB Visit

As part of the London AECB group, we visited the lovely essex hamlet of Love Green, part of Highwood Village, to visit a community-led sustainable village hall build, almost complete. 
Community members Petra and Richard gave us a really inspiring talk through the life and story of the project, from the need to create a sustainable hub for the village, and a social centre for the local community that would also act as an exemplar low energy building for future development in the village.

A significant PV array, partly grant funded, on the roof is hoped to bring income to the community for reinvestment and running costs.

The community has future plans for a community orchard

13 May 2011

Fran speaking at Sustainability Now

Fran is speaking at Building Design's Sustainability Now online conference event at 3pm on 19th May. 
Chaired by Amanda Birch, Technical Editor of Buiding Design, Fran will be tackling Sustainable Architecture and Design in relation to minimising the negative environmental impact of buildings, and particularly the issue of Embodied carbon, as Anne Thorne Architect's has long championed the use of low-embodied energy materials through their work.
Another topic on the agenda and close to all at ATA's hearts is the issue of engaging with occupiers to achieve innovative design. Fran will be speaking alongside Robin Nicholson, Senior Partner at Edward Cullinan Architects, and Chris Twinn, Director, Arup.

Click here to listen to the talk...