10 July 2013

Honorary Doctorate

Fran Bradshaw was awarded an honorary doctorate at University of Westminster last week. The ceremony took place at the graduation of students of the School of Built Environment, at the Festival Hall.

Hickling, Norfolk, Timber Frame House

A 25 tonne capacity crane lifted the Douglas Fir timber beams from the lorry onto the site.

All the joints and details were designed and cut by “The Timber Frame Company” who are based in somerset. The individual panels and joints were assembled in their workshop, tested and then taken apart to make sure that everything fitted perfectly. More information is available at:


Once the individual beams had been delivered, panels and frames where assembled on the ground and then lifted with the crane onto the site. The joints are traditional  with mortice and tenon joints and  pegged together with oak pegs.

 First Frame in place on day one of the timber frame build

The timber frame build has taken place at an impressive pace, while people seem very laid back. Very experienced TFC carpenters have smoothed the way without any onsite alterations needed, whilst achieving a high accuracy to the original plans.

 Last Sunday was the first open day with guided tours given to the neighbors and local people. There is much anticipation and excitement as to how this building is going to develop. Keep watching this space to see what happens next.