15 December 2010

Stoke Retrofit Making Great Progress On Site...

Site visit yesterday to Stoke on Trent ' Retrofit for the Future' Project with Sanctuary Housing. The new timber triple-glazed windows are in and looking fantastic. It's been noticed that as well as keeping the heat in the house during construction, they also provide great sound-proofing to outside noise.
It's also been noticed on site that now the air-barrier and insulation is all installed to the main house, it's so warm to work inside the house, even during the really cold spell of weather we've been having. 

Now the main house air-tight membrane has been installed and the windows are in, an air-test was carried out last week mid-construction - (the rear extension not yet built due to snow, so large opening in rear of ground floor was sealed with large sheet of membrane).
A result of 4 was achieved - a fantastic improvement from the existing result of 17 from the  test the Energy Saving Trust carried out - but still a way to go to our target of 1.

Main leakage points were the party walls where existing plaster patched, so skim coat to entire party wall to be carried our. Also leaks from electrical back boxes in the party wall, so to be re-bedded with plaster behind the boxes.

Project due for completion in January - so keep posted and check out the project blog more info on the project.

6 December 2010

Doreen Lawrence Officially Opens ATA's Tulse Hill Teenage Couples Housing

Doreen Lawrence, the human rights campaigner and mother of Stephen Lawrence, has opened a new housing scheme in south London.

The Teenage Couples housing scheme designed by Anne Thorne Architects, conceived by Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) housing association Ekaya, where Mrs Lawrence is now patron, was officially launched in Tulse Hill, Lambeth, after a year-long trial period. The project is designed to support and facilitate vulnerable couples at risk of homelessness and prepare them for independent living.

The Tulse Hill supported scheme consists of seven one-bedroom self-contained flats for young couples and their child. It has highly insulated brick cavity walls, roofs and floors, and solar thermal panels nestled on green roofs that supply hot water to the flats.

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1 December 2010

Toasty Toes!

Lots of warm and happy in our office at the moment, as we've finally got rid of our energy hungry electric heating, and installed fantastic gas powered central heating, with a high-efficiency combi-boiler - and just in time, as snow fell and temperatures dropped in Temple Yard!

Took a lot of negotiating with the landlord - highlights the issues of encouraging private landlords to carry out energy-saving measures on their tenanted properties, as it's us, not them, who are going to benefit from a warmer winter and lower fuel bills (as well as dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of the office).

We'd carried our measures to reduce our energy use by removing half the fluorescent bulbs in our light fittings (each fitting had two bulbs - one bulb gives out plenty of light); over-boarded and sealed the perimeter of our timber floor below us to prevent draughts; and internally insulated external walls - snug!