28 May 2011

Tenant Feedback from Stoke Retrofit so far...

The tenants for the Stoke-On-Trent retrofit for the future project that Anne Thorne Architects carried out with Sanctuary Housing have given us some really interesting feedback from life living in their house so far. The house will be monitored for energy use and comfort conditions, and just as significant the recording of the tenant's views and experiences of living in the house.

"After our first two months here, we love our eco-house, and enjoy living here, and it’s good to feel environmentally responsible without having to make vast lifestyle changes."

Some really good feedback in living in a house with a heat recovery ventilation system, and feedback that we will move to improve on in future schemes and retrofits.
The tenants were involved along the design process, from the technical specification of the house and insulation levels, as well as choosing pain colours and finishes for their new home.

ATA seeks to gain feedback from completed buildings through our work with researchers to ensure we have detailed information on building performance, and can learn from it....!

Read more on the project blog here

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