17 October 2013

4th UK Passivhaus Conference

The 4th UK Passivhaus conference on tuesday  at Milton Keynes, fantastic range of speakers and wonderfully knowledgable gathering of people in audience and up at the front! Nervous moments for me doing the welcome speech, but soon forgotten in the sheer pleasure of hearing about so much which has happened since last year. I loved hearing Dieter Hertz describing the full range of buildings they are working on, the beautiful museum in Ravensburg, the proposed lawcourts in Bavaria. I enjoyed Fionn Stevenson's reminder of the importance of robust design, and her focus on people as they are in all their complexity is dead right in my view (praps she'll come round to PH in the end...).  It was also great to hear Justin Bere and Marion Baeli giving really detailed feedback on specific projects, and I was sorry to miss all the talks going on in the other room.
I was pleased that we asked the final panel what they had liked most, Thomas O'Leary had inspired all, and training must now be a big focus for PHT

Finally the most welcome visitor of all -  Passivhaus baby Amy - when I looked up from my seat on the platform and saw her sitting in the front row I knew Passivhaus has a great future!
Fran Bradshaw

Marion Baeli with Amy and Andy Simmonds AECB chief executive

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