12 August 2013

Strawbale building, hickling, norfolk, passiv house

A special thank you to all the people who have come to help over the last few weeks, great progress!

1 roof rafters in place

2 dormer cheeks craned in
3 foamglass upstand
4 straw arrives - summer wheat
5  so far
fire boarding, taped
7 dressing bales

8 'the pursuader' a very useful piece of equipment
9 Paul Jennings explains!
10 moisture monitors in place
11 monitor with fixed probes
12 compression with car jacks
13 Twisting the hazel stakes in to pin the straw bales together
14 thatcher's fixings and reed thatch

15 thatcher setting out verge

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful. Looks like an intelligent balance between natural materials and energy efficiency, simple clean detailing. I know that you have changed the moisture probe method (attaching the sensor to a timber block buried in the straw) - it would be good to show the revised method to prevent others emulating the steel bar shown... I am very jealous, a lovely project.