9 April 2013

'The new building has so much potential to bring the community closer'

Some pics of the great celebration for International Women's Day held at the Eco Hub.
Thanks to the event organiser Lilly Labonte and Kaya (16) for the words (extract bellow).

Originally planned to be held on the outdoor Shell theatre, the performances for International Women's Day at Lordship Rec was moved to the newly built Eco Hub, due to the weather turning for the worst with snow and chilly winds. The purpose was to promote women in business and encourage those not already involved in business and enterprise to be inspired to do so. There were performances ranging from street dance to spoken word and music, all the performers were young women. There were workshops about how to set up your own businesses and one 2 one drop in advice sessions, from women speakers who currently organise business starter programmes, passing down their wisdom and experience to others. The atmosphere was open and friendly and as a local young person it was nice to feel embraced by my own community, as well get to know other local people. The new building has so much potential to bring the community closer, and offer a perfect place for performances, get together’s or just a coffee or lunch after a morning in the park. This was shown on International Women's Day as it opened the Eco Hub up for the first time, allowing everyone to see what a great space it is and can be. There are more events coming to the eco hub and park very soon.

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