10 February 2012

progress on site despite snow and frost

Timber framed cassettes that will form the ground floor arrived on site today. These will be fully filled with insulation manufactured from recycled newspaper.
The pond in front of the Environment Centre in the Lordship Recreational Ground is currently frozen... The cafe in this building will be a fantastic place to stay warm and look out during the snowy season next year!

See more about the Environment Centre at Lordship Recreational Grounds by ATA here

1 comment:

  1. Today, no ice, great view out to the Alexandra palace from the site. Here in the Lordship Recreational Ground, the great prospect for the upcoming Environment Centre. The site is busy and we are up for checking the details, airtight seal and second seal, - lapping first one and sealing the second and extending... Thanks for everybody who are collaborating with us to make it happen.