9 November 2011

thinking about the passivhaus conference

It's a few weeks since the Passivhaus conference, after the busy time running up to the event, I've been thinking about what was significant about it: there was a real buzz of excitement, and a great feeling that something new is really taking off here in the UK.

It was such a coming together of all the building professionals who already have lots of expertise in passivhaus, knowledge and experience of sustainable design, and lots of new people too.

The talks I heard were great, doing a call for papers meant there was a really wide range of presentations, and it was so good to hear about a range of UK completed projects, and be able to visit some.

It felt like a good successor to last year's great conference, bigger, more established, and it was really well organized event. People especially liked the light and space of the conservatory, and there was lots of opportunity to talk.

But the importance of the event seems to me to be a feeling of gathering momentum- picking up clients, planners, architects, contractors, suppliers, local authority legislators - all the people who are needed to really role out new and refurbished buildings to the standard we know will perform. When I think how much has changed over the last few years it makes me feel really hopeful.

Apologies to anyone who had to listening to me hoarsely whispering on the second day, loosing your voice at a conference is just bad planning!

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