7 September 2011

Johnathan Porritt at the TCPA

Jonathan Porritt gave the Frederic J Osborn Memorial lecture 2011 for the Town and Country Planning Association on monday night - a witty and devastating appraisal of the Localism bill - where 'sustainable development'  is mentioned uncountable number of times, but is never defined  and is therefore meaningless. 

He identified a number of government papers on environmental limits and ecosystem services which were clearly not referenced, and pointed out the lack of reference to 'place making, well-being of communities and health - all of which are not mentioned at all.

So its over to us all to take it up: we want a definition, the sustainable development commission gave us the pretty useful 5 principles, they need to be embedded in the document.

Chatting afterwards to one of the few developers in the room, I was told that 'meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs' was in there somewhere,  so maybe it needs to be brought to the front of the document!

Get writing all!

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