3 February 2011

Retrofit whips up a storm of discussion in the blogosphere

ATA's Retrofit for the Future project at Hawthorn Road has whipped up a storm of discussion in the blogosphere....

The Architects Journal blogged the article on the sustainability Footprint blog, but unfortunately didn't clearly express that the true project costs (Actual retrofit works cost £80K of TSB research and development funding - the £200k includes £120k that the housing association were spending on the house due to fire damage and major structural works - our retrofit - £80K - piggy-backed on this build.

Mark Brinkley's blog thought the £200k figure was the retrofit cost, which isn't the case, but an interesting debate was had below the blog, once the facts on the actual retrofit costs had been clarified (thanks to Andy for helping to put the facts straight!). 
Mark's blog is a good read and forum for anyone interested in a view on sustainable construction, very matter of fact and excellent self-build pragmatic comment.

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