18 November 2010

Jennie on course to become Certified European Passivhaus Designer

Jennie at ATA has just completed the second part of her intensive training course at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow (Jennie is second from right on the front row of the thermal imaging photo of the course!).

The course provides advanced training for architects and designers already experienced in energy optimised construction and renovation, and learn the fundamentals of planning and building cost-efficient Passive Houses and buildings.

Once qualified, ATA will be certified to design and deliver cost-effective passivhaus projects to the stringent energy and design standards set down by the Passivhaus Institute.

"The course has been fascinating, really testing my understanding of building physics, along with practical exoerience of air-testing and thermal imaging.
It's also been particulary interesting being based in Scotland, where a number of passivhaus projects have already been realised. The timber-frame 'kit' industry in Scotland is really gearing up to be able to deliver passivhaus standard construction cost-effectively, and it's been great to be meet with fellow passivhaus enthusiasts north of the border"

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